Is it correct that all second hand furniture is cheap?

There is a school of thought that aims to convince the world that second hand furniture is of awfully low quality. No argument could be as misplaced as this. The proponents of 2nd hand office furniture support their argument on the basis of ‘old is gold’. This latter group obviously has a point given the fact that wooden furniture gains a certain beauty as it becomes older. Have you ever looked at the contours and other outlines that are visible on second hand furniture? You might be surprised how much these scratches make the 2nd hand office furniture look more beautiful.

In the final analysis, the difference between the quality of second hand furniture and that of new furniture is not clear-cut. If you are looking for greater utility, than buying 2nd hand office furniture is the best option. You will get them at cheaper prices. Compare this with the exorbitant prices you pay for new furniture and you know you got value for money. You definitely might not have afforded the furniture when it was still new. Now that it’s old, you can get much cheaply. Talk about getting an antique piece at a throwaway price. That’s what second hand furniture can do for you.

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